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SYRIA – Arab League Secretary General Stops AL Monitoring Mission in Syria

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Arab League Secretary General Stops AL Monitoring Mission in Syria


Jan 28, 2012


CAIRO, (SANA)_Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi decided to immediately stop the AL observer mission to Syria, pending presentation of the issue to the Arab League’s Council, in an escalation against Syria that reflects the persistence of some member countries in supporting armed terrorist groups.

Al-Arabi has asked the head of the mission to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the mission’s members.

The Secretary-general said in a statement that he held talks with a number of Arab foreign ministers and decided to halt the work of the mission, due to the ”critical deterioration of the situation in Syria and the continued use of violence.”

Al-Arabi considered that the Syrian government has resorted to ”escalation in the security option”, disregarding the crimes perpetrated by the armed groups which the observers’ report has documented.


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SYRIA – Seven Army Members Martyred by Armed Terrorist Group Gunfire in Damascus Countryside, Terrorists Attack Oil Pipeline in Deir Ezzor

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Seven Army Members Martyred by Armed Terrorist Group Gunfire in Damascus Countryside, Terrorists Attack Oil Pipeline in Deir Ezzor


Jan 28, 2012


DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE, (SANA) – An armed terrorist group attacked on Saturday a bus carrying members from the Signal Department in Damascus countryside, killing 7 members including an First Lieutenant.


SANA correspondent was informed that the armed terrorist group attacked the bus between Adra and Douma towns leading to the martyrdom of First Lieutenant Yasser Mohammad Kaso, Chief Warrant Officer Hamza Suleiman Dib, Sergeant Major Ali Mahmoud Ibrahim, Sergeant Rami Salim Joyhra, Sergeant Ali Hatem al-Qadi, Conscript Mohammad Sakhr Baha Eddin al-Takriti and  Conscript Ahmad Mohammad al-Mustafa.


The bodies of the martyrs were transferred to Tishreen Military Hospital.

Terrorist Group Attacks Oil Pipeline near al-Quriye in Deir Ezzor

A terrorist group targeted an oil pipeline south of al-Quriye in Deir Ezzor with an explosive device at 3 AM on Saturday, causing a fire at the area of explosion.

An official Source at the Petroleum Ministry told SANA that the targeted pipeline has a diameter of 24 inches and transports crude oil from al-Omar field which belongs to al-Furat oil company to the second station T2.

The source said that the pipeline wasn’t operating at the time of explosion but it was filled with oil, leading to the loss of approximately 2000 barrels due to the fire, adding that oil was pumped into the auxiliary pipeline and that production wasn’t affected by this attack.

The source went on to say that the oil company’s firemen and Deir Ezzor fire department and civil defense managed to put out the fires after a few hours, and that maintenance is underway to repair the pipeleine which is expected to become functional again within the next two days.

This particular pipeline was attacked multiple times in several areas before, causing brief pauses in pumping which didn’t affect production due to the existence of auxiliary lines and due to carrying out repairs quickly.

Armed terrorist groups attacked several oil, gas and fuel pipelines across Syria, including a fuel pipeline from Homs to Hama and Idleb in December 2011 and a gas pipeline feeds two electric power plants in January 2012.


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SYRIA – Twenty Eight Army and Law-Enforcement Martyrs Laid to Rest

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Twenty Eight Army and Law-Enforcement Martyrs Laid to Rest


Jan 28, 2012


DAMASCUS/HOMS,(SANA)– Twenty eight army and law-enforcement martyrs were escorted from Tishreen and Homs Military Hospitals and the Police Hospital in Damascus to their final resting places on Saturday.

The martyrs were killed in the line of duty at the hands of the armed terrorist groups in Homs, Hama, Daraa, Deir Ezzor and Damascus Countryside.

Solemn funeral ceremony was held for the martyrs as they were covered with flowers and laurel carried upon on their colleagues shoulders while the Military Band was playing the music of the “Martyr” and the “Farewell.”

The martyrs are:

-Colonel Louay Mohammad al-Nukari, from Homs.
-Captain Rami Mohammad Raslan, from Hama.
-First Lieutenant Sleiman Ali Jara’a, from Lattakia.
-First Lieutenant Hayyan Mahmoud Yousef, from Lattakia.
-First Lieutenant Mou’men Fayes Talai’a, from Sweida.
-Chief Warrant Officer Safwan Ali Yousef, from Tartous.
-Chief Warrant Officer Samir Issa al-Asas, from Homs.
-Chief Warrant Officer Manhal Ali Issa, from Lattakia.
-Chief Warrant Officer Jamal Khedr Mustafa, from Homs.
-Chief Warrant Officer Riyad Mohammad al-Obeido, from Idleb.
-Chief Warrant Officer Bassem Abdullah Salman, from Lattakia.
-Warrant Officer Mohammad Abdelatif Mohammad, from Hama.
-Sergeant Major Ghassan Mohammad Salim al-Sousou, from Damascus Countryside.
-Sergeant Osama Mohammad Sharif Hafian, from Idleb.
-Sergeant Ahmad Mohsen Abu Kassem, from Quneitra.
-Corporal Khaled Hasanen Hasanen, from Damascus Countryside.
-Conscript Zakariya Mohammad Kurdiye, from Aleppo.
-Conscript Mohammad Nour Ahmad al-Ahmad, from Aleppo.
-Conscript Abdelkader Dahham al-Jassem, from Deir Ezzor.
-Conscript Khalil Ahmad al-Mahmoud al-Abdelmajid Barkawi, from Aleppo.
-Conscript Fadi Mohammad Jilaq, from Lattakia.
-Conscript Mohammad Omar al-Jamal, from Damascus Countryside.
-Conscript Akram Abdelkader al-Sayyed, from Idleb.
-Conscript Sadek Saiid Obeida, from Aleppo.
-Conscript Hatem Naji al-Hussein, from Daraa.
-Conscript Ammar Fayez Qattash, from Hama.
-Conscript Bakkouri Ahmad al-Mohammad, from Hasaka.
-Policeman Adnan Hammoud al-Ibrahim, from Homs.

Families of the martyrs affirmed that the systematic terrorism perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups cannot dissuade the Syrians from their adherence to their national and pan-Arab stances, calling for confronting the terrorists who don’t know the meaning of humanity, freedom and democracy and dealing harshly with those who tamper with Syria’s security and stability.

The martyrs’ relatives voiced confidence in the Syrians’ ability to overcome the crisis, stressing that the blood of the martyrs will make Syria stronger and more capable of confronting challenges.


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