Al-Laham: National Dialogue is Basis for Solving Crisis in Syria

17 Feb

Al-Laham: National Dialogue is Basis for Solving Crisis in Syria

Feb 17, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Speaker of People’s Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, stressed that national dialogue constitutes the basis for implementing the political program to solve the crisis in Syria through communicating with all citizens.

Al-Laham was speaking during a session of the People’s Assembly on Sunday with the participation of all cabinet members to discuss the services and economic situation in the country, in addtion to reviewing the progress which has been made towards holding the national dialogue.

Al-Laham stressed that Syria and the whole region is experiencing big regional changes under pretexts of democracy and human rights while they mainly aim at passing destructive schemes that serve the Zionist entity.

He added that the sabotaging institutions, infrastructure, oil and gas pipelines, dams, power plants, hospitals and schools along with the assassination of intellectual and scientific cadres reveal the reality of their plots.

Al-Laham said that the open war against the Syrian people and state has one goal that is to destroy it and undermine its role in the region serving the interests of the Arab and Islamic nations’ enemies.

Al-Laham noted that “Syria is facing a terrorism that is backed by foreign sides with the aim of destroying its infrastructure”, adding that what Syria is exposed to requires speedy efforts to prevent any attempt to undermine its security.

He pointed out that “We are facing a great challenge to preserve Syria’s security and the dignity of its people who are being slaughtered because of fatwas sanctioning the killing in the name of religion.”

Speaker of the People’s Assembly said that the invitation is open to all the Syrians of different affiliations and spectrums to confront terrorism which targets the country.

He said that the events in Syria stressed the necessity of exerting efforts to implement the political program announced by President Bashar al-Assad on January 6th, in order to build a stronger and more stable country.

Al-Laham stressed the important role of the People’s Assembly in laying the foundation for holding the national dialogue which constitutes the basis for implementing the political solution through communicating with citizens, civil, religious, social and political figures that may contribute to bringing the Syrians together and encouraging them to engage in national dialogue.

For their part, Assembly members called for exerting efforts to provide citizens’ needs and improving their living standards, expediting national reconciliation, holding national dialogue that doesn’t exclude anyone, combating corruption and red tape, speeding up legislative and legal reform.

They also called for holding crisis profiteers accountable, involving clan elders and dignitaries in national reconciliation, caring for martyrs’ families, improving the Assembly members’ supervision and evaluation of the government’s work, resolving the issues of electric blackouts and fuel and food shortages, and tackling the issue of abductees and missing people.

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