Dialogue Subcommittees in Sweida, Daraa and Hama Hold Consultative meetings

17 Feb

Dialogue Subcommittees in Sweida, Daraa and Hama Hold Consultative meetings

Feb 17, 2013

SWEIDA, (SANA) – The subcommittee tasked with inviting opposition and national forces to dialogue in Sweida met on Sunday representatives of farmers in the province to discuss the upcoming national dialogue conference.

Participants in the meeting stressed the need to communicate with all elements of society and benefit from their suggestions to ensure the success of the dialogue conference, underlining the role of farmers in bolstering national economy.

The participants underlined the need to build confidence between citizens and the government and alleviate the suffering of citizens caused by the current crisis, affirming that dialogue is the only way out of the crisis.

They also stressed the need to combat corruption, calling upon those who are concerned with the interests of the Syrian people to shoulder their responsibility and participate in dialogue which should be built on solid basis to achieve national reconciliation.

Subcommittee in Daraa holds several consultative meetings

Meanwhile, the subcommittee charged with inviting national opposition and political powers to dialogue in Daraa continued their consultative meetings with civil activities and dignitaries in the province.

Participants in the meetings called for dismissing violence and contact with all spectrums, including “gunmen” to persuade them to throw weapons and set to the table of dialogue.

They called for increasing allocations of the humanitarian aids for the affected regions to include all needed people and provide the displaced with suitable temporary residential centers.

Dialogue Subcommittee in Hama holds its First meeting

The Dialogue Subcommittee in Hama also held its first meeting to launch the national comprehensive dialogue in implementation for the political program to solve the crisis in Syria.

During a meeting headed by Hama governor Anas al-Nae’m, the subcommittee approved the program of the consultative meetings that will bring together representatives of the national progressive front, Islamic and Christian clergymen as well as educational and economic activities.

The governor said in a statement to SANA that the consultative meetings will concentrate on how to alleviate the suffering of citizens who were attacked by the armed terrorist groups and the best means to offer aids and suitable services for them.

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