Information Minister: Only Option is Embracing a Political Process and National Dialogue

17 Feb

Information Minister: Only Option is Embracing a Political Process and National Dialogue

Feb 17, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said that Syrians’ only real option is embracing a political process and national political dialogue, rebuilding what was destroyed, and resolving the repercussions of the conspiracy against Syria.

In an interview with Iraq’s Biladi TV channel on Saturday, al-Zoubi said that the political program launched by President Bashar al-Assad for resolving the crisis provides many guarantees for dialogue.

He stressed that the claims and allegations of the opposition abroad regarding dialogue are false because they want dialogue tailored to their conditions, adding that those who want dialogue don’t make preconditions.

The Minister asserted that any talk about conditional dialogue is a waste of time, and that betting on changes on the ground in military and security terms is a lost bet, urging everyone to bet on political action.

He said that the opposition inside Syria presented many ideas based on the concept that those who want dialogue and the interests of Syrians should come to Damascus and propose their ideas, noting that national dialogue isn’t just between the government and the opposition, as it should encompass all Syrian political and social forces.

Regarding those who bear arms and their participation in dialogue, al-Zoubi said that the law and the judiciary will have the final word on those who committed crimes, while those who didn’t commit crimes and laid down their weapons will not have any problems and their legal status will be resolved, asserting that this isn’t political maneuvering.

“As for foreigners in Syria, they will be dealt with differently because they’re transgressors on Syrian soil,” he added.

The Minister said that mass media outlets are still working to defame the Syrian state and the Syrian Arab Army, all while the armed opposition attacks civilian facilities and establishments and military sites to claim that they seized vital facilities and to create media cover for their terrorism.

Al-Zoubi pointed out that if the allegations of the opposition abroad that armed groups control more than 60% of Syria were true, then they could have done whatever they wanted and brought their own government or the opposition leaderships from abroad, but instead they’re content with lying and therefore they don’t develop their political position at all.

He said that the types of light and heavy weaponry, funds, foreign gunmen from about 29 countries, and the training centers and camps across the Turkish-Syrian borders prove that the Justice and Development Party government in Turkey is involved in the Syrian crisis and that it interferes in Syria’s affairs, which makes it accountable as per international law.

On the Israeli attack on a scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus Countryside, al-Zoubi said that this attack is a response to the failure of the terrorists’ attempts to attack this center and the success of the Syrian Arab Army in repelling the terrorists, explaining that when the agents failed, the principal perpetrator stepped in to carry out the task.

The Minister concluded by stressing that Syria is a standing country with its national sovereignty, army and people.

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