Minister Haidar: National Dialogue Table on Syria’s Land

17 Feb

Minister Haidar: National Dialogue Table on Syria’s Land

Feb 16, 2013

BEIRUT, (SANA)-State Minister for the National Reconciliation affairs Ali Haidar said that the table of national dialogue could not be except on Syria’s land, through Syria and Syrian people, adding “this is a principle and dignity that is related to national sovereignty.”

“The national reconciliation project depends on two basic axes ; the social reconciliations and the political program to solve the crisis which is the only way to come out of it,” Haidar said in an interview with al-Manar TV broadcast Saturday.

He added “we undertook the two axes altogether.. good steps have been taken in the first axe.. there is no deep rift among the one Syrian society as some claim.. the second axe is connected to a number of factors as the government work team and the Ministry are consolidating firm, clear bases for the political program to solve the crisis.”

The Minister showed readiness to meet any Syrian figure abroad who rejects the foreign intervention and abandons mentality of abolishment. On the Turkish, Qatari conspiratorial role, Haidar said “All know that these countries are tools and when we talk about solution, we talk about main players, not tools in the region.”

Minister Haidar considered that the Israeli aggression on the scientific research center in Damascus countryside was an attempt to mix the papers, particularly the atmospheres were heading for the political solution and restoring calm to the region.

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