Rafiq Hairi’s Advisor: Late PM Remained with Resistance, Arms Till End

18 Feb

Rafiq Hairi’s Advisor: Late PM Remained with Resistance, Arms Till End

Local Editor

The former late Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri’s advisor, Mustafa Nasser, stressed Sunday that “the relationship between martyr Hariri and the resistance was built on trust.”

In an interview with al-Jadeed TV, Naser clarified that “the meetings between the Secretary General of Hizbullah, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Hariri used to take place in my presence as well as in the presence of Sayyed Nasrallah’s political aide Hajj Hussein Khali.”
“The relationship between Hariri and Sayyed Nasrallah was based on trust and on the basis that the late PM sought to preserve the resistance arms and not to pull them,” Hariri’s advisor mentioned.
In this context, Naser recalled that Hariri addressed Sayyed Nasrallah by saying: “I would pay all my fortune for the liberation of Palestine, but I won’t send my son to be martyred there. Sayyed, you foreran me.”
He further stated that “Rafiq Hariri is a resistance man and his main concern was the issue of Palestine,” adding that “this is what he told the Secretary General of Hizbullah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah with.”

In parallel, he revealed that “before his assassination Hariri was on the verge of declaring an alliance with Hizbullah in the parliamentary elections.”
“After the assassination of Hariri, the agreement was accomplished with his son Saad Hariri and this was reflected in the understanding in Riyadh, where I was accompanied by Minister Ali Hassan Khalil and Hajj Hussein Khalil to Riyadh and stayed for three days in the house of Saad Hariri without leaving it until reaching an agreement,” he detailed.

However, MP Fouad Siniora torn the agreement paper as soon as he received it, and said: “Neither Saad nor his father are able to implement this agreement, I do not accept it.”
According to Nasser, Sayyed Nasrallah previously informed the late PM that former “US Vice President Dick Cheney sent Hizbullah a message via a Lebanese Shiite Professor in America that there is a blanche check to Hizbullah that mounts to 4 or 5 billion $, in return to the resistance arms.”

“Rafik Hariri directly told Sayyed Nasrallah: No Sayyed, the resistance arms are much more important than this. The arms is my share and I will negotiate on this weapon because it has a heavy price. As a PM of Lebanon, I tell you that we have nothing: no oil or gas but these arms,” Hariri’s advisor added.
Meanwhile, he pointed out that “this point was agreed on with Saad but Siniora tore the agreement in Beirut.”

Source:Al-Ahed news, Translated and Edited by moqawama.org

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