Netanyahu: Iran Greatest Threat to “Israel”

19 Feb

Netanyahu: Iran Greatest Threat to “Israel”
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“We will do everything we could to defend ourselves.” With this phrase, “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deliberated the Syrian crisis on Monday, speaking to the Jewish Agency in al-Quds.

According to Hebrew Walla! Website, Netanyahu described the Syrian events as “not only catastrophic, but also strategic, since Syrians possess the most lethal weapons in the world,” expressing concern that “these weapons will become in the hands of those who want it if the Syrian regime were overthrown.”

“”Israel” cannot allow this weapon to fall in the hands of Hizbullah or others,” he added, underscoring, “Things are headed for the worse; we cannot sit and wait; we must unite forces and prepare for what might happen.”

Moreover, Netanyahu argued the Iranian file, reiterating, “Iran is the greatest threat that faces “Israel”,” and revealed an agreement between him and the US President Barack Obama that this issue be “the first topic deliberated”.
Also, he believed of the necessity to “integrate between more severe sanctions on Iran and the threat of a military offensive.”

“Iran develops a nuclear weapon to destroy the Jewish state,” pointing out that “developing this weapon will change the balance of forces in the world. Iranians are aggressive but careful.”

He added, “The current situation regarding the Islamic Republic is extremely dangerous, but will remain contained until the moment where Iran possesses nuclear bomb components.”
Furthermore, Netanyahu highlighted, “The world governments are aware of Iran’s intentions but do not declare it, as had happened in Bulgaria. Iran executes cyber-attacks on “Israel” and the US and it’s getting worse.”
“Iran helps Hizbullah, Hamas, and Jihad, and equips them with tens of thousands of missiles. It poses a threat not only to “Israel”, but to all regimes in the Middle East,” he stated.

Regarding the Palestinian situation, the “Israeli” PM demanded “a disarmed Palestinian state,” believing that “Palestinians must acknowledge “Israel” as a Jewish state.”
“It’s a loss that we have to waste four years of talks because of the prerequisites of negotiations, and I will tell Obama to tell the Palestinians to engage in negotiations,” Netanyahu underlined.

Source: al-Ahed News, translated and edited by

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