Wahhab: Syria Will Not Collapse

19 Feb

Wahhab: Syria Will Not Collapse

Local Editor

Head of the Arab Tawhid party, Wiam Wahhab reiterated, “Syria will not collapse, but they [the Syrian insurgents] will come to an end on the threshold of the Levant, and Syria will remain free and dignified.”

In a popular ceremony in the Southern village of Baakline, Wahhab accentuated, “We are biased against a Qatari who sold his soul to the devil, and are with the Syrian President Bashar Assad and the resistance in Lebanon, which is the nation’s adornment.”
“Whoever has the potential to fight, by all means fight to the end, because the axis of the resistance in this area made its mind up to fight in all ways conceivable to protect Syria,” he added.

“The Tawhidists in Lebanon, Syria, and the rest of the world never yield nor compromise, and are with Syria and Palestine against Takfiris, killing, and slaughters,” Wahhab stressed, pointing out that “we are resisters and will remain resisters. We are strong enough in Lebanon to fight “Israel” and those who speak in “Israeli” terms in Lebanon.”

Moreover, Wahhab stated, “We will retrieve the Golan Heights no matter how long it takes, and we salute Syria, encourage its President, and support its Army. This is our decision that no foreign force or internal roles can influence.”
“If as-Suwayda [city] needs us, we will fight like Tawhidist believers by our brothers there. I salute the Syrian Army martyrs in as-Suwayda and all Syrian Provinces, including Aleppo, Edlib and Daraa,” Wahhab added, underscoring “their blood will not be gone in vain.”
Wahhab concluded, “Our history is that of resistance and we will not have a future but by resistance.”

Source: al-Ahed News, translated and edited by moqawama.org

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