Al-Halqi: Government is Keen on Making Dialogue a Success

20 Feb

Al-Halqi: Government is Keen on Making Dialogue a Success

Feb 19, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi stressed that the government is serious about making dialogue a success, adding that it has no intention to exclude anyone; rather it is open to all Syrian people.

The Premier’s remarks came during a meeting on Tuesday between the ministerial committee for implementing the political program with members of the communication committee at the Peaceful Change Path Movement.

Al-Halqi reviewed the steps taken by the committee to implement the political program, its efforts for helping displaced and terrorism-affected people, guaranteeing the return of Syrians from neighboring countries, and legal guarantees provided to settling the status of gunmen who put down their weapons, in addition to following up on the status of detainees and abductees.

He pointed out that the political program has good and honest intentions for saving Syria, stressing the need for exchanging ideas and suggestions to reach mutual ground that bolster dialogue.

The Premier underlined the government’s efforts to meet the citizens’ basic requirements and improve the economic situation in the country.

For his part, member of the communication committee Fateh Jamous presented the Movement’s vision which involves expediting the resolution of the issues of detainees, martyrs, missing people, abductees, and relief, in addition to holding corrupt forces accountable and bolstering the role of the state.

Jamous affirmed that the only legitimate weapons in Syria are those of the Syrian Arab Army, calling for rejecting all forms of foreign intervention, particularly the stance of the Turkish government.

He also called for ending the sanctions and embargo which harm the Syrian people and preserving national unity, adding that some sides’ persistence in rejecting dialogue and in using weapons makes the state’s confrontation of them more legitimate and reduces these sides’ own legitimacy before the rest of the world.

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