Assistant Foreign Minister.. Necessity of Providing Humanitarian Aids away from Politicization

20 Feb

Assistant Foreign Minister.. Necessity of Providing Humanitarian Aids away from Politicization

Feb 19, 2013

GENEVA, (SANA)-Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Ambassador Hussam al-Din Ala said the political program proposed by President Bashar al-Assad paves the way for settling the crisis and shifting towards modern Syria, based on the UN principles and Geneva Statement.

“The political program includes points regarding facilitations of delivering the humanitarian aids, the return of the displaced abroad,” Ala, delivering Syria speech at the 7th Humanitarian Forum of Geneva, said Tuesday.

He underlined the importance of providing aids according to human goals, away from politicization or exploiting the humanitarian needs of the Syrians in the interest of policies of some countries that support terrorism.

Ala pointed out to the flagrant contradiction between the commitment that some countries pretend to the Syrians’ interest while they impose unilateral, immoral sanctions that target pivotal sectors in the Syrian economy which lead to escalation of the living standards of the Syrian people.

He referred to the big efforts exerted by the Syrian government to ensure the humanitarian and relief aids for the affected, repairing and reconstructing infrastructure.

Assistant Foreign Minister reviewed the steps that the government took in cooperation with the UN to activate the international engagement in meeting the basic needs in that context, stressing the government’s commitment to continuing this cooperation as long as the UN efforts continued respecting the principles which regulate this cooperation, on top, neutrality and non politicization.

On the sidelines of the forum, Ala met the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos, Antَnio Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Margaret Chan, Director- General of the World Health Organization (WHO).

In the presence of Syria’s permanent Envoy to the UN in Geneva Faisal al-Hamwi, Ala discussed with the UN officials means of boosting cooperation between Syria and the international humanitarian organizations.

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