Hundreds of Insurgents Killed In Attempt to Control Aleppo Airport: Syria

20 Feb

Hundreds of Insurgents Killed In Attempt to Control Aleppo Airport: Syria
Local Editor

Hundreds of insurgents of the armed terrorist groups were killed while trying to control Aleppo countryside’s airports during the past couple weeks.
In this context, a well-informed Syrian security source told al-Ahed News website, “Units of the Syrian Army were able to destroy tens of armed vehicles used to attack the airports’ surroundings, as well as confiscating huge amounts of weapons and ammunitions.”
The source mentioned, “Meng Military Airport, Kweiress Airport, Kashish Military Airport, Neirab Military Airport, and Der Hafer Airport witness clashes every now and then with armed terrorist groups mostly belonging to “al-Nusra Front” and backed by “Liwaa al-Tawhid”.”
The source further clarified, “The clashes between the Arab Syrian Army and the attackers are 4 kilometers away from these airports not on its borders like some TV stations promoted.”
“A unit of the Syrian Army confronted an attack that al-Nusra Front made on the surroundings of the Meng and Kweiress Military Airports as well as the 80 brigade of the Air Force. Clashes also took place in Sheikh Said area that led to the death of a number of insurgents,” the source added.

Moreover, the source indicated, “The militiamen try to control this brigade since it represents a center for logistic support and for military airports in Aleppo,” underscoring, “The Army’s units move to purify and target insurgent gatherings in the radius of the 80 Brigade as a primer to purge it in the next few days.”
On a similar note, a number of insurgents were killed during clashes that occurred in Rastan city, and the Syrian Amry also destroyed armored BMPs the insurgents used to attack the Syrian Army’s checkpoints.

Source: al-Ahed News, translated and edited by

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