Moussawi: Political Group Does Not Want National Partnership

20 Feb

Moussawi: Political Group Does Not Want National Partnership

Local Editor

Member of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Nawwaf Moussawi argued, “The reason of the problem in Lebanon is that there is a political group committed to the strategy of weakening and destroying the resistance to rule Lebanon unilaterally and individually.”
“Our problem is with a political party that does not want true national partnership or coexistence,” Nawwaf stated during a memorial ceremony in the Southern village of Kalila.

“There is a salvation that is based on utmost conviction of pluralism and coexistence, and ruling away from foreign intervention,” he added.
He further highlighted, “[Salvation] is through an electoral law that gives true representatives their real size and adopts proportionality as a mechanism for voting.”

Source: al-Ahed News, translated and edited by

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