Orthodox Law Ratified

20 Feb

Orthodox Law Ratified
Local Editor

The joint committees have ratified the Orthodox electoral law despite the Future Movement and the Socialist Party’s withdrawal.
The joint committees have ratified the Orthodox electoral law proposed by MPs Alan Aoun and Neamat Abi Naser in all its clauses in the session held by Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri on Tuesday.

Before discussions on the second article of the law, MPs of the Future Movement, the Progressive Socialist Party, and so-called “March 14 independents” withdrew from the session in an attempt to obstruct the law.
Moreover, MP Ahmad Fatfat, after withdrawing from the session, stated, “The [Future] Bloc proposed postponing votes on the second article for another 48 hours for deliberations outside the parliament, but did not receive an answer.”
“The Orthodox law will turn Lebanon into an extreme country,” he claimed.
For his part, National Struggle Front member MP Akram Shouhayib stated, “The Orthodox law boosts sectarianism and strikes parties’ work.”

As for MP Botros Hareb, he accentuated, “Moving forward with the proposed Orthodox law will make the [Lebanese] President Michele Suleiman appeal the law to the constitutional council, and in turn postpone elections.”
However, MP Alan Aoun stressed, “Democracy and constitutional mechanisms have won, despite all means to prevent discussing the Orthodox law.”

Source: al-Ahed News, translated and edited by moqawama.org

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