Iraqi Media Delegation Stresses Iraqi People’s Support for Syria

21 Feb

Iraqi Media Delegation Stresses Iraqi People’s Support for Syria

Feb 20, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- An Iraqi media delegation on Wednesday stressed that what is taking place in Syria aims to destroy its deeply-rooted civilization and create a rift among its people.

During a meeting with Speaker of the People’s Assembly, the delegation members affirmed that Syria has always been and still is a stronghold of Arabism, nationalism and pan-Arabism.

They noted that the targeting of Syria came in the framework of the international imperialist attack aimed at dividing the region into cantons in service of the Zionist entity.

They stressed the Iraqi people’s standing by Syria, state and people, expressing their confidence that Syria will emerge from its crisis stronger and more invincible.

During the meeting, al-Laham stressed the importance of the national dialogue as the main basis of the political solution program to solve the crisis in Syria.

He emphasized that the Syrian government is working to create the suitable ground to help make the national dialogue a success so as to include the various political, social, civil, societal and religious forces based on the national principles and renouncing violence and rejecting foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

The Speaker said the terrorism which Syria is subjected to aims at destroying the people, the state and the institutions and undermining Syria’s effective role in the region.

He affirmed that Syria is going ahead with implementing the reforms to achieve the aspirations and demands of the Syrian people through a package of modern laws along with confronting the armed terrorist groups.

Al-Laham stressed that the Syrian people still have the initiative through the strength of their will, their free national decision and their doctrinized army.

He stressed that Syria will remain committed to resistance and the Palestinian cause will remain the central cause for it.

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