“Israel” Furious from Germany

21 Feb

“Israel” Furious from Germany

Local Editor

“Israeli” media sources reported that Germany is to delay compensation payments for so-called holocaust survivors until Israel halt its settlement building in the occupied West Bank.

The “Israeli” daily, Yedioth Ahronoth, reported that “Israeli” government sources have conveyed their anger to the office of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. The sources refused the “deliberate delay” to pay the compensation for the “holocaust survivors”.

The sources, according to the newspaper, claimed that it is inappropriate to link between a “humanitarian issue, connected to survivors of the Nazi’s crimes during the Second World War, and a political issue concerning “Israel’s” relations with its neighbors.”
“There is a senior official in Merkel’s office working on the destruction of the smooth and sensitive relations between “Israel” and Germany,” the newspaper claimed. “Since the time when this official took office, he has precluded meetings between Merkel and “Israel’s” ambassador in Berlin, Jacob Hadas.”

The newspaper reported that talks between the two sides took place in the middle of last December. “”Israel”, the newspaper said, passed a message to German officials that “Germany has to accelerate payments to the holocaust survivors whose number is decreasing by death because of old-age.”
The “Israeli” daily further mentioned that the history of the German-“Israeli” compensation agreements which started in 1952. By signing the first agreement, Germany pledged to pay DEM3 billion (£1,325b) to “Israel” and DEM 450 million (£198m) to Jewish organizations.

Currently, negotiations are on-going for a German pledge to pay a monthly retirement salary of EU300 to Ghetto workers.
According to the “Israeli” newspaper, the total of German payments to the Zionist entity has been so far USD70 billion.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by moqawama.org

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