Lavrov: Force Not to Solve Syria Crisis, Dialogue Only Way

21 Feb

Lavrov: Force Not to Solve Syria Crisis, Dialogue Only Way

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday that “the use of force cannot advance the settlement of the conflict in Syria, and both conflicting parties are coming to understand that the crisis should be resolved through dialogue.”

At the opening of the first ministerial session of a Russian-Arab League forum in Moscow, Lavrov added: “As concerns the Syria conflict, one can come to the conclusion that any plan to settle it through the use of force by any party will not work.”
“Neither side can allow itself to bet on a military settlement as this is a path to nowhere, a path to the mutual destruction,” he warned.

In parallel, the top Russian official noted that recognizing “the importance of starting dialogue between the government and the opposition has become greater.”
He also reiterated that his country doesn’t only support it, but” it also helps creating the suitable circumstances on the basis of the agreements agreed on in Geneva which are suggested by UN Envoy to Syria, al-Akhdar Ibrahimi.”

Lavrov also commented on what is taking place in the Middle East by saying that Moscow is not satisfied with the events in this region.

“The developments there are accompanied by a lot of things which increase our and your concern. What we mean here is the armed conflicts in the region and the increase in the extremism and the spread of weapons without supervision,” he confirmed.

Lavrov added ” We think that the Arab League is invited to play a main role in settling the conflicts erupted in the Arab countries through the comprehensive national dialogue with the participation of all the political forces in a way that would guarantee the rights of all the sects and the minorities along with rejecting any foreign interference without a clear mandate from the United Nations Security Council.”

Earlier, Lavrov viewed that “even uncompromising opposition figures in Syria who until recently said President Bashar al-Assad should resign have realized the need for dialogue with the Middle East country’s authorities.”

The top Russian official also highlighted that Moscow is waiting for explanations from the Arab League over its new initiatives on the Syrian crisis settlement.
“The key thing we feel now is that the issue of dialogue is becoming a priority, including among those who have until recently rejected our calls for the start of such talks between the government and the opposition and said the resignation of al-Assad is the precondition for any such contacts.”

The top of Russia’s diplomacy further added that he has a feeling that the settling of the Syrian conflict has moved from a dead point.

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