Terrorists Attack Sports City in Damascus, One Footballer Martyred, Others Wounded

21 Feb

Terrorists Attack Sports City in Damascus, One Footballer Martyred, Others Wounded

Feb 20, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – An armed terrorist group on Wednesday attacked the stadium of Tishreen Sports City in Damascus with two mortar shells, causing the martyrdom of al-Wathba football team player, Youssef Suleiman.

One of the shells fell on the stadium’s floor, while the other one exploded near Tishreen Hotel.

A number of players and members of administrative staff were wounded in the shells, which also caused to huge material damage in the site.

Head of the Sports Union, Major General, Mowaffaq Jouma, pointed out that the terrorist attack came in the same context of targeting sports cities and institutions, stressing that athletes will continue their training despite the crimes of the armed terrorist groups.

Jouma offered condolences to the family of the martyr and wished quick recovery for the wounded players.

Sports Federation: Terrorist Attack Is Violation of Olympic Code of Honor

Meanwhile, the Syrian athletes condemned the terrorist act against Tishreen Sports city, stressing that this terrorist act will increase their determination to continue their training to make achievements to make the country proud.

The General Sports Federation stressed in a statement its condemnation of this terrorist act, adding that terrorism has no religion and its mission is killing.

The statement denounced the attack as a violation of the Olympic Code of Honor and a direct threat to the Olympic values and principles.

Syrian Network for Human Rights Condemns terrorist attack

The Syrian Network for Monitoring the Human Rights strongly condemned the terrorist attack against Tishreen Sports city in Damascus which claimed the life of one footballer and injured other players.

In a statement, the Network considered that whatsoever the acts of the terrorist groups were, they only reflect the identity of violence, killing, bloodshed and terrifying the citizens away from morals and logic.

On the other side, the network condemned the acts of Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups who randomly shell civil regions in al-Ghouta, Homs, Hama, Idleb and Aleppo.

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