Al-Assir’s Provocation Reaches Parliament After Sidon

23 Feb

Al-Assir’s Provocation Reaches Parliament After Sidon

Local Editor

Hackers hacked on Saturday the Lebanese parliament’s website.
The hackers, identifying themselves as “Team Kuwait Hackers,” placed extremist Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir’s photo on the website.

They also put up an anti- Hizbullah and Syrian regime message.

The message, addressed to “the Sunni community in Lebanon” claimed that “Hizbullah has always bullied the Sunnis in Lebanon and is now trying to do the same in Syria.”
It further slammed any form of support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, describing him as a “sheep”.
In parallel, a provocative chant could also be heard on the hacked website.

Earlier, al-Asir and his supporters deployed Friday with their weapons around the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque in Sidon, amid a heavy deployment by the Lebanese Army and security forces.
Al-Asir himself was carrying a weapon after claiming that “Hizbullah is planning to attack him in person as the party’s member monitor him from apartments that Hizbullah had previously rented.”

Interviewed by al-Jadeed in the wake of Friday’s armed deployment, Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said “there is nothing going on in Sidon and no Hizbullah members are monitoring al-Asir’s movements.”
“Anyone carrying a weapon will be fired at and the deployment of gunmen is prohibited in Sidon,” Charbel warned, and noted that “when someone voices sectarian remarks, the judiciary must act and must issue arrest warrants.”

Source: News agencies, Translated and Edited by

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