Fadlallah, Bazzi: Resistance the Everlasting Protector of Lebanon

23 Feb

Fadlallah, Bazzi: Resistance the Everlasting Protector of Lebanon

Local Editor

Member of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc, MP Hassan Fadlallah reiterated that the government is concerned with listening to the people’s just and righteous demands, and is held accountable to offer them their rights.

In a memorial ceremony held by both Hizbullah and Amal Movement to the head of the Iranian Council for Reconstruction in Lebanon, Martyr Hosam Khosh Nawes’s martyrdom, Fadlallah stated, “We do not want some to obstruct the government’s work and prevent it from performing its duty, chiefly the salary scale that has become an urgent case for a large portion of people.”
Fadlallah further mentioned Martyr Nawes’s traits, stressing that he was the martyr of the resisting South and nation, underscoring, “We all know he did not differentiate between one area and another.”

Moreover, he highlighted, “We everlastingly pledge that the resistance, loved by [martyr Nawes] will remain fixed in this land and will always hold on to its choices and weapons to defend the South and the nation in face of any “Israeli” aggression.”
MP Fadlallah concluded by renewing his vow to martyr Nawes and all martyrs that the resistance will remain loyal to this path until victory.

For his part, member of the Liberation and Development Bloc, MP Ali Bazzi confirmed, “Nawes came from Iran to tell all Lebanese that the strength of Lebanon is not by its weakness at all, but by its unity, civil peace, stability, and resistance.
In parallel, he mentioned that there is no difference at all between reconstruction and the resistance, since rebuilding a home is in the core of the resistance.
Furthermore, Bazzi called for gathering to “protect and maintain this country with justice, stability, civil peace, and coexistence” and to prevent “all secession, differences, and conflicts.”

He further called on to “chant the slogan of overthrowing the mentality of ignorance, secession, aggression, and occupation, and chant the slogan of protecting the weapon of unity, strength, and resistance,” emphasizing, “we hope that all political constituents in the country realize the criticality and dangerousness of the political situation our country and region witness.”

Source: al-Ahed News, Translated and Edited by moqawama.org

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