Moscow: We Oppose All Initiatives That Affect the Syrian Sovereignty

23 Feb

Moscow: We Oppose All Initiatives That Affect the Syrian Sovereignty

Feb 23, 2013

MOSCOW, (SANA)- The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed Moscow’s opposition to all initiatives that affect the sovereignty of the Syrian government, including those on establishing the so-called ‘humanitarian areas and corridors’.

“We firmly oppose the steps aimed to politicize the international humanitarian cooperation in Syria, including those regarding establishing the so-called ‘humanitarian areas and corridors’ as well as those which affect the Syrian government’s sovereignty,” the Ministry said in a statement issued on Friday.

It added that the Geneva Humanitarian Forum constitutes “an unpoliticized forum” to discuss the humanitarian side of the crisis in Syria and allows mobilizing international efforts and boosting cooperation among international humanitarian organizations and the Syrian government to improve the situation in the country.

The statement hailed the Syrian government’s “constructive stance” in terms of its cooperation with the relevant UN humanitarian bodies and other organizations, including the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The Ministry’s stressed that Russia will continue providing humanitarian aid to Syria on a bilateral basis and in the framework of the international agencies as well.

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