Sheikh Qauok: Hizbullah Stronger than Any Time Ever

23 Feb

Sheikh Qauok: Hizbullah Stronger than Any Time Ever

Local Editor

The Deputy Chairman of Hizbullah Executive Council His Eminence, Sheikh Nabil Qaouk, stressed that “the global war on Syria won’t succeed in weakening the resistance axis but rather it led to escalating its invincibility and power.”

During the commemoration of Martyr Leaders in Iranian city, Qom, Sheikh Qaouk highlighted that “the “Israeli” enemy thinks that by targeting Syria, it will be able to weaken the axis of the resistance.”

However, His Eminence assured that “two years on the crisis, nothing changed and Hizbullah was able to overcome the Syrian crisis and to acquire all needed components to defend Lebanon.”

“Hizbullah is stronger than any time ever since 1982,” he asserted.

The Hizbullah top official further warned the occupation of any adventure, affirming, that ” the resistance missiles will reach their homes, camps, and all regions.”
On the Zionist position from the Syrian crisis, Sheikh Qaouk viewed that “”Israel” is receiving rebel and regime opponent fighters and this explains whom does “Israel” support.”
“Hizbullah could never stand in the trench, in which both the US and “Israel” stand,” he reiterated.

Source: Al-Ahed news, Translated and Edited by

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