French Foreign Ministry: We Don’t Agree on FSA’s Official Remarks

24 Feb

French Foreign Ministry: We Don’t Agree on FSA’s Official Remarks

Nidal Hemadeh

Sources in the French foreign ministry denied statements of a person claiming to be an official of the so-called “Free Syrian Army”, who lives in France and threatened to implement terrorist operations in the country.

In remarks to al-Ahed news site, the French source said that “the French foreign ministry is neither aware of this statement, nor it agrees on such irresponsible statements.”
In response to a question on the measures to be taken to prevent this person from making similar remarks, the sources clarified that “France is responsible for preventing such statements in the case the person lives on its territories.”

“We must contact the Interior Ministry, authorized of solving this matter,” he confirmed.

For his part, the MP of the French Socialist Party Gerard Bapt, revealed that “the chairman of the French-Syrian Friendship Committee in the French Parliament requested to see the literal text of the threat and to translate it into French ahead of questioning the government.”

Source: Al-Ahed news, Translated and Edited by

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