Syria Opposition Boycotts Russia Talks, Suffers Failures

24 Feb

Syria Opposition Boycotts Russia Talks, Suffers Failures

Local Editor

In a new attempt to block any outcome from the Syrian crisis, the main Syrian opposition group, the so-called Syrian National Coalition [SNC], announced it is pulling out of the scheduled talks in Russia and the United States.

It also announced its boycott to the so-called “Friends of Syria” meeting to be held in Rome for an unspecified date next month.
The SNC released a statement saying the move was to protest the lack of international condemnation of the “crimes committed against the Syrian people”.
“Hundreds of civilians have been killed by Scud missile strikes. Aleppo, the city and the civilization, is being destroyed systematically,” the statement claimed.

The opposition group further accused the Russian leadership of especially bearing moral and political responsibility for supplying the regime with weapon.
“In protest of this shameful international stand, the coalition has decided to suspend its participation in the Rome conference for the Friends of Syria and decline the invitations to visit Russia and the United States,” it added.
Meanwhile, in Cairo, the SNC said that it failed to name a so-called transitional government and delayed the issue for the coming days.

Walid al-Bunni, a spokesperson for the SNC, said that the group’s government would control rebel-controlled areas in Syria.
This comes as the opposition figure Haitham Maleh announced that the coalition granted its head Ahmad Moaz al-Khatib a period of ten days to perform consultations that are to lead to the announcement of a rebel’s government.

Source: News Agencies, Translated and Edited by

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