“Israel” Tests Hetz-3 Missile Interceptor

27 Feb

“Israel” Tests Hetz-3 Missile Interceptor

Local Editor

The “Israeli” War Ministry announced Monday that it has successfully tested the Hetz-3 [Arrow-3] missile interceptor.

The test was conducted by the so-called War Ministry’s Administration for the Development of Weapons and the Technological Industry from a location in central the Zionist entity.
The Hetz development is a joint effort by the “Israeli” War Ministry and the US Missile War Agency.

According to Ynet daily, the missile was launched from the Palmachim Air Base. It held altitude for six minutes and preformed various maneuvers, as programmed.
Meanwhile, “Israeli” Prime Minster addressed the test claiming that “”Israel” is always reaching out its hand in peace, but we’re preparing ourselves for other options.”

Netanyahu further added that the test was indicative of his entity’s “technological and security abilities, as well as its cooperation with the United States.”
For his part, a senior “Israeli” military source said that the test was conducted as part of the army’s perennial operational plan, stressing that “This was a systems test, not a ballistic intercepting test and the objectives set for this test were reached in full.”

It is worth mentioning that Hetz-3 joins “Israel’s” layered aerial military, alongside the Hetz-2, Iron Dome and the “Magic Wand,” systems.
These systems aim, according to “Israeli” sources, to provide “Israel” with an umbrella that will counter the threats posed by short and mid-range missiles used by Gaza groups in the south and Hizbullah in the north; as well as the possible threat of Iranian missiles.

“This successful test is a milestone in “Israel’s” operational and military capabilities vis-à-vis threats in the regional arena,” the War Ministry said., and pointed out that “this was the first test of a system that has been years in development. The system still has to undergo further tests before it becomes fully operational.”

Source: Ynet, Edited by moqawama.org

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