Larijani: Situation in Syria Terrorism backed by Western Intelligence

27 Feb

Larijani: Situation in Syria Terrorism backed by Western Intelligence

Feb 26, 2013

NEW DELHI, (SANA)_Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larijani said that the situation in Syria is terrorism backed by Western intelligence that helped establish the armed terrorist groups in the region, reiterating Iran’s rejection of foreign interference in the region.

Larijani was speaking before an audience of elites and intellectuals at the India Council of World Affairs (ICWA) on Tuesday.

”Terrorism is one goal of the events unfolding in Syria, said Larijani, adding ” In various parts of the region, we have witnessed extremist movements, and we have information that the intelligence of major countries are behind the terrorist acts.”

Larijani pointed out information indicating that the events in Syria portend new circumstances that will give rise to a bigger terrorist current in the region, adding that democracy cannot be established by military force. Larijani underlined the importance of regional cooperation for finding solutions away from foreign intervention so that ”world powers won’t have the chance to invade the region easily.”

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