26 Attempts to Kidnap “Israeli” Soldiers in 2012

28 Feb

26 Attempts to Kidnap “Israeli” Soldiers in 2012

Local Editor

New data released by the “Israeli” Military Operations Directorate on Wednesday revealed a disconcerting increase in attempts to abduct “Israeli” soldiers.

According to a report by the “Israeli” magazine “Bamahane” [On Base], 26 attempts to kidnap soldiers were made in 2012 – more than double the amount recorded in 2011, which came at 11.
It further added that all 26 attempts – which took place inside the Zionist entity and the West Bank – were thwarted.

In this context, an “Israeli” military source warned that “Gaza’s groups [resistance groups] have developed an appetite for prisoner exchange deals.”
In parallel, the “Israeli” sources viewed that “the increase has also been attributed to the growing unrest in the West Bank since the Palestinian Authority’s status upgrade at the UN; as well as to the agitation felt on the ground over the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike.”

Thus the “Israeli” military institution, as well as other “Israeli” security forces and agencies, prohibit servicemen from hitchhiking for fear of being captured by resistance groups.
In recent years, the “Israeli” army and the Shin Bet have increased enforcement of their hitchhiking regulations. The enemy’s army is also running an ongoing campaign to that effect.

Source: Ynet, Edited by moqawama.org

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