“Israeli” Poll: 36% Deems Pressure on EU to Blacklist Hizbullah Futile

28 Feb

“Israeli” Poll: 36% Deems Pressure on EU to Blacklist Hizbullah Futile

Local Editor

A poll conducted by the “Israeli” Jerusalem Post daily showed that “Israelis” and Jews around the world are pessimistic of American and “Israeli” pressures succeeding to push the European Union to blacklist Hizbullah, after alleged accusations claimed that Hizbullah had a hand in the Burgas bus explosion in Bulgaria.
While only 6% of voters accentuated the success of pressures to push the EU to take the desired “Israeli” step, 56% expected Europe to implement the decision on individuals from Hizbullah, or at most against its military wing. However, 34% said all active pressure will not lead to any result, and the European Union will not take any measure against Hizbullah.

Source: Jerusalem Post, translated and edited by moqawama.org

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