Jalili: Outside Powers Pursuing Mistaken Policy on Syria

28 Feb

Jalili: Outside Powers Pursuing Mistaken Policy on Syria

Feb 28, 2013

ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN (SANA)_Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Jalili said some outside powers pursue mistaken policy on Syria through offering sustained support for terrorists and providing them with weapons to kill the innocents.

He described the approach as ”unacceptable and mistaken.”

During a press conference in Kazakhstan’s capital Almaty at the end of the nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 Group, Jalili said ”Some outside powers are pursuing a wrong approach on Syria, and the international community rejects terrorist activity…We have expressed our outspoken condemnation of this but, regrettably, found that certain sides persist in backing terrorists to kill the innocent.”

Jalili stressed that the Syrian people alone are to decide their own future away from foreign interference, underlining the importance that solving the crisis be through dialogue.

”Democracy is the basis for a solution in Syria through democratic mechanisms acknowledged by all and preparing the grounds through an internal dialogue and elections allowing the Syrian people to choose whoever they want,” said Jalili, indicating that “the terrorist bombings in Syria and sending weapons to terrorists are by no means an expression of the fair demands of the Syrian people.”

( Fonte: http://www.sana-syria.com )

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