What’s behind March 14 Campaign of Lies against Hizbullah

28 Feb

What’s behind March 14 Campaign of Lies against Hizbullah

Hilal Salman

What’s the secret of this attack, false campaign, fabrications, rumors, and lies that some internal media affiliated to March 14 and some Arab regimes have waged on Hizbullah since more than a week and on a daily basis?

Is this campaign part of the usual performance of these outlets based on the orders of their foreign masters, or is it part of a hidden agenda to target Hizbullah?

What drove these trumpets to spread this avalanche of lies at once within a few days and what is intended from such actions?

Several questions are raised by observers in front of this huge number of lies and rumors against Hizbullah during a short period of time.
The beginning of this camp goes to fabrications broadcasted by Future and Lebanese Forces channels and all what moves in their orbit. Their lies started with the so-called “Free Syrian Army” allegations on Hizbullah’s intervention in the battles in Homs.
The FSA even threatened to bomb the alleged Hizbullah positions in the Lebanese Hermel region. Later, they announced that their bombardment to these posts led to several injuries. However, ground facts proved the size of these lies, given the media’s amplification to FSA’s claims.

Hours passed, and the same media outlets restored to the fabrication of the health deterioration of Hizbullah’s Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.
According to these lies, Sayyed Nasrallah suffered a sudden health setback several days ago and was transferred to a hospital in Iran for treatment!
Another lie emerged directly: The convoy of Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem was attacked on his way to Damascus and the party’s top official was injured.

And between the first and the second, the same media was busy turning a wheel truck blast in Hazmieh to a mysterious explosion at Sayyed Hadi Nasrallah’s Main road in Dahyieh [ The southern Suburbs of Beirut].
In response, monitoring political sources warned from the intentions behind this vicious campaign of rumors and delusions against Hizbullah.

“These aren’t isolated from regional and international developments related to the Lebanese situation,” they estimated, and noted that “these lies are part of a camping that aims to attack the resistance axis, particularly Hizbullah.”
Moreover, they clarified that “as the situation in Syria is moving in favor of the Syrian regime, the losing bettors intended to bring about chaos and confusion to the Lebanese arena, as part of a Western-Zionist scheme to keep the resistance front in case of confusion.”

In this context, the sources shed light on the following facts:

First: this campaign came in wake of the “Israeli”- American campaign against Hizbullah accusing it of the Bulgaria bombings. They also pressured the European Union to put the party on its terrorism list.

Second: This campaign moves parallel to Zionist escalation on the northern front through performing huge military drills and deploying additional Patriot missiles batteries. This was culminated in the enemy’s leaders statements two days ago declaring that the Zionist army is ready to confront Hizbullah, and is ready again to invade Lebanon and avenge the humiliating defeat during 2006 aggression on Lebanon.

Third: The campaign coincided with the Western pressures to fail the Russian efforts to launch dialogue in Moscow between the Syrian regime and the opposition forces. They further announced the resumption of weaponry shipments, funded by Qatar and KSA to terrorists in Syria.

At this point, the sources wondered whether new instructions have been delivered to the “March 14 camp” from regional and international ‘masters’ to launch this campaign of rumors against Hizbullah to confuse and overwhelm it, on the eve of a plan being prepared to the region and to the Lebanese arena specifically?

The coming days and weeks are sufficient to reveal the backgrounds and objectives of this campaign.

Source: al-Ahed news, translated and edited by moqawama.org

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