Berri: Security Situation in Lebanon Not Good

1 Mar

Berri: Security Situation in Lebanon Not Good

Local Editor

Lebanese House Speaker Nabih Berri warned Friday that the security situation in Lebanon is not good.

However, Berri assured that the Supreme Defense Council and the government have taken good decisions.

He further noted that the security council branches noting are supposed to follow up the situation and things would be good if they implemented the decisions.
“If not, things will turn on the state and the government,” the Speaker mentioned, and noted that “it would be as if the state is slaughtered itself.”

In an interview with al-Joumhoria Lebanese daily, Berri listed the actions of kidnappings and the emergence of arms in parallel to insults against the army and the security forces.
“What is more needed so that the state moves?” he wondered.

On the electoral debate, Berri told an-Nahar daily that he has “now become in the position of hearing proposals.”
“Those who have better plans are welcomed to propose them,” he said.
In a related context, Berri’s sources reported that he is upset by the behavior of several March 14 members and his allies in the March 8 group.

Source: Lebanese dailies, Translated and Edited by

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