Larijani: Dialogue Only Way to Solve Crisis

1 Mar

Larijani: Dialogue Only Way to Solve Crisis

Mar 01, 2013

TEHRAN, (SANA)_Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larjani, called for the resort to dialogue for solving the crisis in Syria instead of the military solution and the use of force.

Larijani’s remarks came during his meeting with the Indian President Pranab Mukherjee in New Delhi on Thursday.

Larijani said that the two sides had convergent views in regards to the importance of dialogue as the only way for solving the crisis in Syria.

He added that Iran believes in enhancing democracy that the people in Syria aspire to.

Iran’s Ambassador in Lebanon: Dialogue is Only Way to Solve Crisis in Syria

Iranian Ambassador in Lebanon, Ghazanfar Rokn Abadi, reiterated on Thursday that dialogue in Syria is the only way to solve the crisis far from all forms of foreign interference.

Rokn Abadi said in a speech during a celebration in al-Nabatieh town that pressures will not undermine Iran’s determination to support Syria and confront the Zionist conspiracy which is aimed at undermining Syria’s strategic stance on supporting the resistance.

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