“Israeli” Troops Assault Demonstrators, Palestinian PM Evacuated From West Bank

4 Mar

“Israeli” Troops Assault Demonstrators, Palestinian PM Evacuated From West Bank

Local Editor

Demonstrations took place in the West Bank marking the 8th anniversary of “Israel” erecting the apartheid wall, where “Israeli” troops fired teargas and rubber bullets on protesters, and the Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad was obliged to evacuate the scene.

The Authority’s PM was treated from teargas exposure.
Before being led away by his bodyguards, Fayyad addressed the protesters, stressing that the West Bank “had become a shining example of popular resistance against the occupation, the settlements, and the fence.”
Protesters also demonstrated in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners in “Israeli” jails who were on hunger strike, demanding their release and threatening repercussions in case a prisoner died.

Source: News Agencies, edited by moqawama.org

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