Peoples Assembly Continues Discussion of Bill for Regulating Work of Dentists Guild

4 Mar

Peoples Assembly Continues Discussion of Bill for Regulating Work of Dentists Guild

Mar 03, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The People’s Assembly held a regular session on Tuesday chaired by Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham, during which the Assembly continued discussing the bill for regulating the work of the Dentists Guild.

Speaker al-Lahham underlined the Assembly members’ role in enriching bills by shedding light on weaknesses and negativities in their articles.

The Assembly referred the members’ written questions to the proper authorities through the Prime Ministry. The questions touched on issues including supporting Qamishli city council financially, higher education, providing tenure commissioned teachers, and the possibility of annulling consumer spending fees for restaurants, among other issues.

The Assembly referred a bill on ratifying the credit line agreement signed in Tehran by the Syrian Commercial Bank and the Iranian Export Development Bank to the Arab and Foreign Affairs Committee and the Financial Laws Committee for studies. This agreement stipulates for providing a credit line of USD 1 billion to finance importing Iranian goods.

The Assembly also referred a bill on economic sanctions to the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee and a bill on regulating medical, health, training and educational facilities to the Services Committee for study.

The session was adjourned until 12 PM on Monday.

Interior Minister Meets People’s Assembly Public Liberties and Human Rights Committee

Interior Minister Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ibrahim al-Shaar met with the Public Liberties and Human Rights Committee at the People’s Assembly, affirming that the conspiracy targeting Syria is nearly over.

Al-Shaar underlined his Ministry’s efforts alongside the Syrian Arab Army and the authorities in combating terrorism and crime, pointing out to the Ministry’s recent work in developing laws, reforming prisons, looking after the families of martyrs, and improving the status of internal security personnel.

He also pointed out to the Ministry’s work in the framework of the political program for resolving the crisis, specifically in inviting displaced Syrians to return to their homeland and providing facilitations for them, in addition to issuing calls for participating in national dialogue.

In turn, the Committee members lauded the efforts carried out by the Interior Ministry during the current circumstances, including its efforts in rehabilitating prisoners and improving conditions in prisons.

Agriculture Minister Holds Meeting with Complaints Committee at People’s Assembly

On a relevant note, Agriculture Minister Ahmad al-Qadri discussed with the Complaints Committee at the People’s Assmebly a number of issues affecting farmers, such as the availability of fuel of electricity, distribution of fertilizers and subsidies, and land investment.

Al-Qadri affirmed that his Ministry is working to resolve the issues affecting farmers, voicing readiness to coordinate with the People’s Assembly to tackle problems that affect citizens.

He reviewed a number of steps taken by his Ministry to help farmers, which include providing feed for livestock, noting that vaccines for livestock are available as they are mostly produced locally.

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