Syrian Students and Community in France Organize Symposium

4 Mar

Syrian Students and Community in France Organize Symposium

Mar 03, 2013
PARIS, (SANA) – The French branch of the National Union of Syrian students and the Syrian community in France on Sunday organized a symposium on Syria at the Syrian Cultural Center in Paris.

In the symposium, strategic advisor on terrorism and geopolitics, retired French colonel and Alain Corvez, said that what is happening in Syria has nothing to do with revolution; rather it is blatant interference in a sovereign country’s affairs

Corvez said that what is happening in Syria is a conspiracy which employs terrorist mercenaries from 29 countries who entered Syria with the help of the Turkish government and with the funding of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

He noted that the Syrian leadership has been working diligently to make Syria a strong modern country, but the west always sabotaged its efforts.

In turn, French journalism professor and journalist Bruno Drweski said that the war waged on Syria is due to its strategic position in the region, its support for the resistance in Palestine, and the fact that it’s independent from the west and self-sufficient, while other Arab countries are mere colonies of the United States and the west.

Drweski said that the Syrian state’s strength is due to the strong public base which supports its leadership and Army, affirming that Syria will emerge from the crisis stronger.

The symposium was attended by members of the Syrian diplomatic mission, members of the Syrian community, French university professors, and independent French journalists.

Attendants observed a moment of silence for the civilian and military martyrs of Syria.ù

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