Berri: Lebanon Turned to Al-Qaeda Battleground, No Parliamentary Session before Electoral Agreement

5 Mar

Berri: Lebanon Turned to Al-Qaeda Battleground, No Parliamentary Session before Electoral Agreement

Local Editor

Lebanese House Speaker warned Tuesday that “there are strong indications that Lebanon is becoming a battleground for al-Qaeda.”

In an interview with al-Joumhoria Lebanese, Berri revealed that he read in an American newspaper that Lebanon has turned into a place for Al-Qaeda.
“Regardless of what I read, all signs on the ground confirm this,” the Speaker stated.

In parallel, he mentioned that “it is enough to observe some of the phenomena and the way it is growing to realize that the Lebanese arena has become a fertile ground for these groups.”
On another level, Berri commented on President Michel and Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s step of signing a decree, calling for general elections on the 9th of June.
“If I were Suleiman or Mikati, I would have defended the government’s electoral proposal instead of neglecting it,” he added.

The Speaker further urged all sides to agree on an electoral law and then ask him to call for a Parliamentary session to endorse it the following day.
“I will not allow anyone to decide my role,” Berri confirmed, and reiterated his view that 1960’s proposed electoral law is “dead”.
Meanwhile, he wondered how some officials declare that they oppose the 1960 law, then work according to it.

As he slammed such political performance, Berri said : “All the timeframes set by this law have no importance or value, and I am not concerned with them.”

Source: News Agencies, Translated and Edited by

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