Biden to AIPAC: Every Nation must Brand Hizbullah “Terrorist”

5 Mar

Biden to AIPAC: Every Nation must Brand Hizbullah “Terrorist”

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The US leaves no effort to assure “Israel” of its commitment to the latter’s interests.

In this context, US Vice President Joe Biden stressed on Monday that Washington is “urging every nation in the world,” mainly European countries, to consider Hizbullah a terrorist organization.

“Iran is using terrorist proxies to spread violence in the region and beyond the region, putting “Israelis”, Americans, citizens of every continent in danger,” Biden told the American “Israel” Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC], the largest pro-“Israel” lobby in the United States.

“For too long, Hizbullah has tried to pose as nothing more than a political and social welfare group, while plotting against innocents in Eastern Europe – from Eastern Europe to East Africa; from Southeast Asia to South America,” he claimed.
Trying to assure the powerful lobby in the US, Biden stated: “Hizbullah is a terrorist organization. Period. And we are urging every nation in the world that we deal with — and we deal with them all — to start treating Hizbullah as such, and naming them as a terrorist organization.”

Hizbullah “has targeted people on several continents. We’ll say and we’ll do our part to stop them. And we ask the world to do the same,” he said.
“That’s why we’ve been talking to our friends in Europe to forcefully declare Hizbullah a terrorist organization,” Biden added.

On Iran, the US top official stated: “The president of the United States cannot and does not bluff. President Barack Obama is not bluffing.”
“Big nations cannot bluff,” he added. “Presidents cannot bluff and President Obama is not bluffing. We’re not looking for war, we’re ready to negotiate. We prefer a diplomatic solution.”

Biden added the though the United States was “not looking for war” and wanted peaceful negotiations with Iran, the “window is closing” for talks, and the US was determined “to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Period. Not contain – prevent.”

The US has “deep commitment to the security of “Israel”,” Biden insisted, “That has not changed and it will not change, as long as Obama and I are president and vice president. It’s in our very naked self-interest, beyond the moral imperative.”

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