Comfortable Al-Assad: Syria Emerged Victorious, Opposition Playing Survival Game

5 Mar

Comfortable Al-Assad: Syria Emerged Victorious, Opposition Playing Survival Game

Local Editor

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stated that his country emerged victorious in the fight against terrorists trying to topple the regime.

According to al-Akhbar Lebanese daily that quoted al-Assad’s visitors, the Syrian President assured that ” “The conspiracy against Syria is nearing its end.”
“The opposition is playing a game of survival,” he was quoted as saying.
In this context, al-Assad highlighted that all militants’ attempts to enter to Damascus failed.

Al-Assad further noted that “significant successes have been made, whose strategic importance is clear even to those in the region and the rest of the world who are making useless plans against Syria’s security.”
“The international community’s escalating from the Takfiri forces inside Syria forms another prove of its retreat,” he mentioned.

The visitors further described al- Assad as “very comfortable” with the military developments in Syria and had raised “contradictions in the exiled opposition groups’ stance… as proof of their failure”.

In parallel, a well-informed source clarified that “al-Assad’s departure means dragging Syria into chaos and not to a transition process.”
“There is no title to ensure the stability of Syria away from the preserve of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime,” the source noted.
He further confirmed that “this is so delicate to the extent that the international community must urge al-Assad to remain in his post, even if he decided to leave it.”

“Al-Assad’s departure is the other face of Syria’s destruction,” he warned.

On the ground facts, the source clarified that after the opposition’s failure to enter Damascus which led to thousands of deaths among rebels, the opposition and its operators turned from the theory of “intractable blood” to that of “blood phobia”.

“The incubating environment to the armed groups became afraid to play such a role even if it wanted to,” he said, and pointed out that “it is afraid of the high cost and unsecured results.”

Source: al-Akhbar daily, Translated and Edited by

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