PM Stresses Commitment to Expanding Communication with Civil and Social Parties

5 Mar

PM Stresses Commitment to Expanding Communication with Civil and Social Parties

Mar 05, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi, stressed on Monday that the Ministerial Committee, which is tasked with following up on the procedures to implement the political program to solve the crisis in Syria , is committed to expanding communication channels with civil and social forces and parties.

During a meeting with independent members of the People’s Assembly, the Prime Minister pointed out to the importance of the outcome of the Ministerial Committee’s meetings in boosting the dialogue process.

He called on the opposition forces and local coordination committees and even the armed groups which surrender their weapons to take part in dialogue, based on the national firm stances, discarding violence and rejecting foreign interference in Syria’s affairs.

The MPs reviewed viewpoints which focused on the dialogue process and means to reach a national solution to emerge out of the crisis, stressing the necessity of freedom of expression, transparency and combating corruption, in addition to dealing with the issue of administrative beaurocracy and routine.

They called for activating the role of dialogue subcommittees in the Syrian provinces and following up on the issue of kidnapped people and detainees.

The Prime Minister reviewed the procedures made to encourage the dialogue process, pave the ground to make it a succcess, provide requirements of good living for the displaced Syrians to come back home, and inviting all opposition forces inside and abroad for dialogue.

After the meeting, MP Maria Saadeh, told reporters that the dialogue meetings are aimed at identifying the content of dialogue and setting a national convention for all Syrians that reflects the aspirations of the Syrian people.

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