Syrians in France Renew Support to Homeland

5 Mar

Syrians in France Renew Support to Homeland

Mar 05, 2013

PARIS, (SANA)_The Syrian students and community in France , along with French citizens, organized solidarity stand in support of Syria in St. Michel Square in Paris.

The stand was organized by the National Union of Syrian Students-France branch in cooperation with the Syrian community in France.

The participants raised the Syrian flag and President Bashar al-Assad’s photos, as well as a grand picture of Syrian martyrs’ photos. They also lit candles and observed a minute of silence in honor of the martyrs’ souls and threw roses in the Seine river.

They stressed support to the Syrian Arab army in his battle against terrorists, reiterating support to their homeland and leadership.

For their part, the French participants called on their government to exert the necessary efforts to help the Syrian government eliminate the terrorists instead of backing them.

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