Liberated Prisoner al-Makt Rejects to Yield to Israeli Interrogation

6 Mar

Liberated Prisoner al-Makt Rejects to Yield to Israeli Interrogation

Mar 05, 2013

QUNAITERA, (SANA)-Liberated prisoner Sidqi al-Makt challenged the Israeli occupation authorities who summoned him for interrogation about what they called “breaches that affect Israel”.

“I rejected to answer many questions at the investigation center in occupied Qasreen village.. the investigation procedures dealt with my activities, social and political move inside the occupied Syrian Golan and the 1948 Arab lands,” al-Makt said in a statement to SANA.

Al-Makt added that he rejected to sign a paper that warns him of carrying out “breaches that affect Israel.”

Liberated prisoner al-Makt returned to Golan in August 2012 after spending 27 years in the Israeli prisons on charges of resisting the occupation.

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