Mansour: Future Seeks Enmity with Syria, Targets Berri Through FM

6 Mar

Mansour: Future Seeks Enmity with Syria, Targets Berri Through FM
Local Editor

The Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour responded Tuesday to the Future Parliamentary bloc calls for discharging him from his duties.

In remarks to al-Manar TV, the minister noted that ” it’s not the first time this bloc calls for dismissing the FM or for his resignation.”

“Since the government was formed, they headed their poisoned arrows towards me,” he said, and pointed out that ” they want me to act with Syria as they do, i.e. as an enemy.”

In parallel, Mansour reminded that “the same people, who spent years hanging out and dancing at the Damascus’ doors, ask us today to stand against it.”
“Our position is clear, we dissociated our self from the Syrian crisis and walked on this path and we are committed to the government’s decision,” he reiterated.

According to the minister, “they want us to treat Syria as an enemy, they want to target House Speaker Nabih Berri through the FM, and they want us to take a hostile position and this is what won’t happen.”

Source: al-Ahed news, Translated and Edited by

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