A Message from President al-Assad to Indian PM…Indian FM: Solution in Syria by Syrians

7 Mar

A Message from President al-Assad to Indian PM…Indian FM: Solution in Syria by Syrians

Mar 06, 2013

NEW DELHI, (SANA)_President Bashar al-Assad sent a letter to the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, conveyed on Wednesday by Presidential Political and Media Advisor, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban to the Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid in New Delhi.

The Indian FM stressed India’s rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian domestic affairs as ”foreign interference is unacceptable and is bound for failure.”

He underlined necessity that “the solution in Syria come from the Syrians themselves,” stressing the need for an immediate halt to violence and backing the Syrian’s government’s efforts for finding a peaceful exit route from the current crisis.

He expressed India’s concerns over the escalation of violence in Syria and the innocent victims there. Khurshid said New Delhi has backed a peaceful solution and the plan of the former UN envoy to Syria,Kofi Annan and Geneva statement, indicating that its position remains unchanged in backing these efforts at international forums based on India’s conviction that ”the situation in Syria will have dire consequences on the neighboring countries and the world.”

Dr. Shaaban thanked India for its support to a political solution in Syria away from foreign meddling as to preserve the interests of the Syrian people and Syria’s unity.

Shaaban hailed India’s leading role at international forums which is based on the international law and the sovereignty of states, calling for crowing this role with a decision submitted to the BRICS Group that helps intensify efforts for dialogue in Syria.

Shaaban highlighted the fierce media campaign against Syria that aims to serve the goals of certain countries as a pretext for foreign military intervention, pointing to the dangers of extremist religious movements that tarnish Islam through using fatwas that give the green light for the bloodshed in Syria.

Dr. Shaaban also discussed with the Indian State Minister of External Affairs the developments in Syria and the proposed solutions for the crisis and stemming Syrian bloodshed.

Dr. Shaaban’s India visit is one leg of a BRICS countries’ tour.

( Fonte: http://www.sana-syria.com )

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