Al-Zoubi: Al-Nusra Terrorist Crimes in Raqqa Provoked by their Defeat in Aleppo and Damascus

7 Mar

Al-Zoubi: Al-Nusra Terrorist Crimes in Raqqa Provoked by their Defeat in Aleppo and Damascus

Mar 06, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)_Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi said that the crimes and attacks of al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Raqqa province came due to their humiliating military defeats in Aleppo and Damascus.

In a speech during a symposium organized at al-Assad Library in Damascus on Wednesday, al-Zoubi assured that ”There is no reason to worry over the presence of the armed groups in some areas in al-Raqqa…It is just a matter of time.”

Al-Zoubi reiterated that the government is serious in holding the national dialogue that excludes no one where “all topics will be raised for discussion.”

He added that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other ”cartoon” states have no place in the dialogue among the Syrians.

Al-Zoubi Emphasizes Role of Women in Building Homeland

Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi stressed that the outstanding role of women in bringing up generations and instilling children with the urge to defend the homeland and join the national military institution.

In a symposium organized by the General Women’s Union on the occasion of the International Woman’s Day at al-Assad Library on Wednesday, al-Zoubi said that ”Women in Syria have always been the lever in the national institutions and building the state, not only in the military institution where there are female officers and soldiers, but through continually prodding their children to join the national army.”

He added that the Syrian women have assumed an extraordinary national role through pushing their children to stand up to the Israeli aggression, citing prominent Syria female martyrs who sacrificed their souls in defense of the homeland.

”On this occasion, we salute women and mothers in Syria as well as the Syrian female martyrs,” he said.

Al-Zoubi stressed the importance of espousing women’s causes, especially the women’s rights to freedom of thought, education, work, innovation and production, indicating that women contributed to building the Islamic civilization and the human civilization as a whole.

Member of the National Leadership of al-Baath Party, Shahnaz Fakoush reviewed the history of the Syrian women and their achievements and sacrifices under the current crisis in Syria, underlining the women’s role in raising awareness about the dimensions of the conspiracy and the schemes intended to fragment Syria.

Fakoush pointed to the practices of the armed groups and their poisoning the minds of the youth with extremist views that are strange to the Syrian society.

Majida Qutait, head of the General Women Union, stressed the woman’s active role on the social level as she was the first to suffer the woes of terrorism, ”but she soared above pain and proved capable of facing challenges.”

Qutait pointed to the importance of realizing gender equality and that the woman assumes her role and gain her rights, hailing the Union’s role in defending the women’s rights.

Chairman of the National Reconciliation Committee at the People’s Assembly, Omar Osi, said the features of an international settlement between the axis of resistance in the region and the US axis are becoming evident, indicating that the recent escalation in violence and terrorism is an indication of the conspirers’ bankruptcy.

”The crisis in Syria has redrawn the new world order, and the struggle now is over the oil and gas resources, Syria’s role in backing resistance and the true Islam,” he added.

Lebanese journalist, Samar El-Haj highlighted women’s role in preserving the Syrian-Lebanese relations, pointing to a methodical distorting of the image of women in Islam by takfiris.

She said that the Syrian women proved even more powerful that the women in the past, adding that the Syrian army is unparalleled in steadfastness and valor.

Member of the Lebanese Marada Movement’s politburo, Vera Yamin said that Syria’s pivotal role in the region was one of reasons behind the conspiracy, lauding the role of the Syrian women in enhancing Syria’s steadfastness.

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