Iran to Announce Nuclear Achievements Soon

7 Mar

Iran to Announce Nuclear Achievements Soon

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Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Fereydoun Abbasi said Iran will announce new nuclear achievements soon.

In remarks to IRNA, Abbasi pointed out that the change in West’s tone towards Iranˈs nuclear program in the past few years resulted from persistence of the Iranian nation on its nuclear rights.
He further assessed the latest round of talks between Iran and the 5+1 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, as positive and said the next talks to take place there will be of even more positive outcomes.

Stressing that the Iranian nation has been facing sanctions for a long time, he confirmed that Iran’s nation has already affected the talks.
“Iran has made fresh achievements in its nuclear activities which will be announced soon,” the Iranian nuclear official revealed.

Asked to comment on the reasons of the western countries to visit and inspect Iran’s Parchin site, Abbasi stressed that Parchin is not and has never been active in nuclear areas.
He said if these countries really want to visit Parchin, they have to provide solid documents and reasons.
“In that case, the military officials will have to be consulted to make the final decision,” he added.

Outlining the history of West’s confrontation with Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, Abbasi stressed that they are basically against nuclear activities of the Iranian nation.
“Though the western countries encouraged Iran, before the Islamic Revolution, to carry out a nuclear program they changed their attitudes with the change of the political system in Iran whereas the nation’s need for nuclear power never changed with the political transformations,” Abbasi mentioned.

He reiterated that the countries involved in imposing anti-Iran sanctions will soon get a proper answer by the nation’s peaceful nuclear achievements.

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