Zoganov: We Stand by Syria against Conspiracy

7 Mar

Zoganov: We Stand by Syria against Conspiracy

Mar 06, 2013

MOSCOW, (SANA)_Leader of the Russian Communist Party, Gennady Zoganov stressed his party’s support for Syria against the global conspiracy targeting it.

During his meeting with the Syrian ambassador in Moscow, Dr. Riad Haddad, Zoganov said that the 15th Conference of the Russian Communist Party ”unanimously expressed support to Syria in the war waged on it by international and Zionist terrorism.”

He added that backing Syria is a ‘point of principle for us’, stressing the necessity of ratcheting up support for Syria as highly important for Russia ”as the crisis in Syria might lead to catastrophic consequences in the region and the world.”

Zoganov added that the Syrian people and leadership are confronting the US-Zionist campaign and the declared war on the Syrian state, pointing to the Syrian army’s role in defending his country.

He said he is convinced that the Brits and the West in general are pursuing an “idiotic policy”, not only against the ME peoples, but against their own interests.

He underlined the importance of synchronizing efforts for establishing peace in Syria, emphasizing the importance of media in conveying the true image of Syria’s events to the Russian public opinion.

Ambassador Haddad said the steadfastness of the Syrian people and the Syrian armed forces will conquer the conspiracy and restore security and stability, calling upon friendly countries to help make a success of the national dialogue in Syria.

He added that Syria, which is facing terrorist takfiri groups, is protecting its security, sovereignty and stability, indicating that Syria will not allow terrorists to turn it into a hotbed of extremism.

Haddad congratulated Zoganov for being re-elected president of the Russian Communist Party, thanking the party for its stances in support of Syria at a time when Arab, regional and international countries are involved in a conspiracy against it.

Russia: Moscow Concerned Over US Plans to Arm Terrorist Groups in Syria

Moscow expressed concern over the US plans to back the armed terrorist groups in Syria, including providing them with weapons.

RT website quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich as saying ”Sure we are concerned over the situation, especially the recent statements about the willingness of the US administration and some Western partners to back the Syrian opposition through sending weapons to the Syrian opposition groups.”

Lukashevich said during a press conference that Western partners are speaking of their willingness to encourage the Syrian opposition through sending weapons to it “which is not what we need now.”

”We hope the US will be committed to implementing the final statement of Geneva meeting, which is the gospel for solving the crisis,” he said, adding that “attempts to embolden the opposition through providing it with weapons are extremely dangerous and run counter to the policy of seeking a solution in Syria.”

He said that the Syrian opposition has not appointed negotiators for dialogue with the Syrian government in Damascus.

”Russia vigorously continues communications at all levels for ending violence in Syria and launching dialogue among the Syrian warring parties as soon as possible,” he said, indicating that the Syrian government has spelled out readiness for dialogue by Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem during his meetings in Moscow.

”Regrettably, the opposition is still sending mixed signals and has not so far appointed negotiators as stipulated by Geneva statement.”

The Russian diplomat considered that one of the reasons behind the tragedy of the Syrian people is the boundless backing provided by foreign powers to the opposition instead of prodding it into seeking a political solution.

( Fonte: http://www.sana-syria.com )

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