Mansour Warns of AL Decisions’ Negative Repercussions on Lebanon

8 Mar

Mansour Warns of AL Decisions’ Negative Repercussions on Lebanon

Local Editor

Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour responded Thursday to March 14’s campaign regarding his stance in the Arab League meeting over the Syrian crisis.

According to Mansour, the speech he delivered in the meeting warned that violence in Syria is leading to thousands of victims.

“I further called the AL to rescind its 2011 decision to suspend Syria as a member of the body, so that we could reach a political solution, is this a crime?” he wondered.
In parallel, he cautioned that “the AL’s decision will have negative repercussions on Lebanon in the future, because such decisions mean legitimizing the flow of arms to Syria.”
“What law or charter permits this?” Mansour wondered.

He also stressed that “what is happening is completely madness because Lebanon is paying the price and if violence continues, Lebanon will have more implications to deal with, particularly with the increase of refugees’ flood.”

“This is my position because I’m keen on Lebanon’s interests,” the minister added.
In response to head of Future former PM Saad Hariri’s remarks, Mansour stated: “God bless late martyr Rafiq Hariri’s soul because he had a smart and sharp oversight.”
Moreover, Mansour warned that the circle of violence is so dangerous and what will happen in the future is hazardous.

Source: Manar TV, Translated and Edited by

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