Senior MP Raps Arab League for Confronting Anti-Israel Resistance Front

8 Mar

Senior MP Raps Arab League for Confronting Anti-Israel Resistance Front

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian legislator condemned the Arab League for proposing Damascus seat in the AL to the Syrian opposition forces, and described the move as confrontation against the anti-Israel resistance front.

“Granting Syria’s seat to the opposition by the Arab League is helping the Zionist regime (Israel),” Chairman of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi said on Wednesday.

Instead of confronting the Israeli regime, which has been violating the rights of the Arabs and the oppressed Palestinian and Gaza’s people, and has occupied the lands of Arab countries and committed numerous crimes, it is regrettable that the Arab League is confronting the resistance front, namely Syria, he added.

The Iranian legislator emphasized that the Arab body took another “illogical and unprincipled” step toward countering resistance, dismissing the move as “completely unacceptable.”

During their meeting in Cairo on Wednesday, Arab League foreign ministers discussed whether to give Syria’s seat at the bloc to the opposition Syrian National Coalition provided that it first forms a representative executive council.

Arab League suspended Syria’s membership at the Cairo-based bloc in November 2011.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011 with organized attacks by well-armed gangs against the Syrian police, border guards, statesmen, army and the civilians being reported across the country.

Thousands of people have been killed since terrorist and armed groups turned protest rallies into armed clashes.

The government blames outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorist groups for the deaths, stressing that the unrest is being orchestrated from abroad.

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