Amb. Ravanchi is coming to the UNSC Stakeout around 3 pm today. He will take a few questions. AM

28 Giu

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Ambassador Ravanchi’s introductory remarks
In the UN Security Council Media Stakeout – 24 June 2019
As a country whose airspace has been violated by two U.S. spy drones, Iran was entitled to participate in the Council’s Meeting. This is our right under the UN Charter.
We expressed our readiness and requested to participate in that meeting. However, unfortunately, we were denied of exercising this right.
Today, the Council was briefed unilaterally by one party, the U.S. who is abusing its position as the Council’s permanent member to misguide this body in order to advance its anti-Iranian policy.
We have irrefutable information on the incident to provide to the Council. According to our credible detailed and precise technical information on the path, location, and points of intrusion and impact of the U.S. spy drone, there is no doubt that when targeted, it was flying over the Iranian territorial sea. This was done after several radio warnings, all of which were disregarded.
Iran’s action was in full conformity with international law. Iran acted in self-defense in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter.
Additionally, on the same day, another U.S. spy aircraft with 35 people on board violated Iran’s airspace. However, Iranian armed forces exercised maximum restraint and no action was taken against the invading aircraft.
In another instance in less than one month, another U.S. spy drone entered into our airspace on 26 May 2019. Iran has consistently recorded its protest against all such violations and provocative actions through the U.S. interests section in the Embassy of Switzerland in Tehran.
These are only a few examples of provocative actions and adventurism by the U.S. in violating Iran’s borders and airspace.
Conversely, Iran’s practices indicate that while having an inherent right to defend our territorial integrity and enjoying all required capabilities as well as resolute determination to exercise this right, we want neither war nor an escalation of tension in the Persian Gulf region.
But, certain circles from inside and outside of the region, through dangerous acts, are attempting to escalate the tensions. This helps them to justify further foreign military buildup in the region and sell more American and western arms to certain countries, including to continue committing the gravest crimes in Yemen.
To pursue this policy, they resort to deception, fabrications and disinformation. One clear example is the unfounded claim of the U.S. against Iran regarding the recent oil tankers incident, which were not even supported by some of the closest allies of the U.S.. We categorically rejected the claim. How could Iran be benefited from attacking tankers destined to Japan, while simultaneously its Prime Minister, in his historic visit to Iran, was meeting with the highest Iranian officials? The claim could not be more absurd!
The U.S. decision today to impose more sanctions against Iran is yet another indication that the U.S. has no respect for international law and order as well as the views of overwhelming majority of the international community.
To ease tensions in the broader Persian Gulf region, the U.S. must stop its military adventurism as well as its economic war and terrorism against the Iranian people.
There is also a need for a genuine regional dialogue on regional security. We have already expressed our readiness for such a dialogue and have asked the Secretary-General to play a role in this regard.

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